Science Communication

We are seeking to bridge the gap between researchers and local/national stakeholders, by synthesising the take-home messages arising from field research, making these digestible and easily available, and highlighting their relevance to tropical ecology and/or conservation and protected area management.

As a prospective researcher at the Cocha Cashu Biological Station, we would like to inform you that follow-up of your visit includes completing a survey within two months of your departure from the Station, on the nature and purpose of your research. The information you provide may be translated and/or made public in station-related materials including newsletters, reports, social media, and other outreach.

Rather than a lot of technical detail, we are looking for concise, simple, clear language that can be understood by the non-expert. We will provide your email address in case readers want more info about methods and statistics, etc.

We will also ask that you send us a head shot of yourself; a photo related to your methods/field work; and a photo related to your study organism (the habitat if not the organism itself), with photo credits.

Lastly, although optional, we encourage you to give a half hour presentation about your work, before your stay in Cocha Cashu, to Cashu and SERNANP staff in Cusco. We would all enjoy hearing about your planned research. Furthermore, once your study is complete, we strongly recommend that you give a presentation of your main findings at the Centro de Interpretacion in Cusco. Please give us advance notice so that we can advertise your talk and so that university students may also attend. Please keep this in mind when you plan your trip; a morning or afternoon will be required.

Photo: Fortunato Rayan